Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Gathering Mullein to Dye Stained Sheets

 (Verbascum thapus):
 Mullein grows wild over much of the industrialized world. Its special spiritual work is to heal the damage created by human activity. It is not uncommon to see a large plant growing where a recent road cut fords in a stream. The Mullein stands ready to cast its seeds upon any subsequent erosion. Not only will roots help to hold the soil in place, but the furry leaves attract and hold dust and windblown soil. Not only are the leaves eaten by many creatures, but the nectar from the flowers and copious supply of seeds provide for many. Life encourages life! The waste products of the mice and insects often finding haven under the spreading leaves help to enrich and rebuild the soil given time, Mullein and her helpers will heal damaged land.

The work Mullein has to do in the wild is very important.

. . . Mullein and her helpers will heal damaged fast fashion & stained Bed & Breakfast (graciously donated by the Cottonwood Inn Bed & Breakfast in Taos) sheets ! 


I only gathered the plants that were taller than I, 
& I thanked each one

yellow blooms 

Drying them in the Sun

I have read that the later you harvest them the deeper the color dyes . . . 

We will see. 

Experiment Results Soon to follow . . . 

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