Friday, January 28, 2011

On Being a Woman

Once upon a hot haute summer night, I was hovering over a nasty loo in an unnamed bar in downtown Denver in the late night/ early morning hours. Hunched over, watching ever so carefully that my steamy piss aimed directly into the bowl, without hitting the already splattered ceramic rim, a single thought floated through my intoxicated brain: On Being a Woman. This is what it's like... This is one of the things millions of women experience every day. Hovering over a nasty ass toilet, guarding our beloved vaginas from any weird toilet germs.

I documented the moment on my crappy camera phone.

For the rest of the summer, I became obsessed with taking lavatory photos. Stall graffiti, bowel movements that had been left unflushed, bloody piss, etc. You get the lovely picture.

Sooner than later, I approached the Titwrench women about having a benefit show named after this now haunting phrase that kept running through my mind.

Hope you can come.

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