Saturday, May 8, 2010

New: Studio, Store, Label


3100 Blake Street

I'll be planning an open house soon... Talk of a Farmers Market on the street is in the air ...

Until then, feel free to Schedule a Meeting with Me :



- Custom Alterations

(you're a dude & you need your jeans shorter but you still want to keep the cool original hem ... or ... you're a Lady and you need your grandnanny's vintage dress from the 50's taken in just a scooch)

- Private Fittings for Custom Dresses

(see something for sale that isn't your size or color? Lemme know. I can fix one up for you)


Very Exciting. Who knows. If you come visit me I might just have tea, cookies &/or champagne.



Maison de Rose
"House of Rose"

Reading the Dressmakers of France by Mary Brooks Picken & Dora Loues Miller published in 1956. When I finally return it to the library you should check it out.

A nod to couture dressmaking and the cultural community surrounding it before the onslaught of mass manufacturing textiles.

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The Perl Hacker Painter said...

Welcome to the neighborhood, Bailey!

Come over to "Chez Justin" anytime -

Could you imaging making a full-tailed jacket for street performing? Something very tight and stretchy to be worn comfortably in the summer? :)