Monday, April 19, 2010

YSL Quotes Off of Post Cards From San Francisco

Spring Cleaning :

Found a few postcards from San Francisco written as notes to myself while visiting the de Young last year around this time of year.


"... it is a moment of jubilation when anything is possible, when the dream has not yet been destroyed by the logic of textiles to be used."

dressed women in symbols of male power - women could now wear pants - Broadway Collection 1978 -
Inspired by Porgy & Bess & AA culture

gave a liberated air to women

"I want to serve women, their bodies, their attitudes, their gestures, and to support their struggles for liberation over the last century. "


Bridal Gown

"Love me Forever or never"

F/W 1970

Tribute to Tom Wesselman

Tribute to Piet Mondrian

F/W 1965


Alexandre de Paris

Premier Tuxedo

S/S 1960


F/W 1969

wool jersey jumpsuit; crocheted wool cap; patent leather pumps w/ metal buckles

Made to order for Nan Kempner

Daytime Ensemble

F/W 1963

Suede Tunic & hood ; wool stockings ; sued gloves and thigh boots

Made to Order for Niki de Saint- Phalle

Died June 1, 2008

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