Friday, April 5, 2013


S/S 2013 Maison de Rose Art Performance 
WEAVE MAGIC INTO YOUR LIFE: Maison de Rose, presents her S/S 2013 Beltane Maypole Fashion / Art Performance at The Awaken Healing Center at 7 PM Sunset April 13, 2013.

                         Maison de Rose will be presenting her S / S 2013 Performance Art Fashion Piece at Sunset, Saturday the 13th of April: WEAVE MAGIC INTO YOUR LIFE. Awaken Healing Center will be hosting the event in their lovely courtyard garden. RSVP ONLY by e.mail or text message. Fellow Goddess Artists performing will include Gemma Bayly, Kathy Sietos, Katie Zimmerman, Heather Penhale, Jacqueline Sophia Cordova, Porscha' Danielle, Sara Sayed, Sarah Shavel, Livv Pluss & Piper Rose. Chandrika Prem will be accompanying the performance on the Cello. An $11 donation is suggested & we ask you to bring your own champagne / fernet / chimay. 
                       The fashion performance will feature a Maypole, inspired by Starhawk's The Spiral Dance Beltane: May Eve Ritual. Maison de Rose has declared herself a Zero Waste Fashion House, in an effort to heal the waste of the fast fashion industry. This performance will be an act symbolizing this healing process. The rainbow colors flowing from the Maypole will each represent a chakra corresponding to the performance artists color she is wearing, fashioned by Maison de Rose. The performance artists will be chanting a healing meditation that corresponds to the color chakra she is wearing, transferring an essence of healing onto certain aspects of the fast fashion industry in need of attention. The performers will weave in & out around the Maypole, concentrating on what they have woven into their lives. Maison de Rose asks her audience to ask themselves what they have woven into their lives? Onto their bodies? & How do we go from here to make it magical? Sublime? 

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