Thursday, May 31, 2012

From a 2006 Journal

Everything has changed so much when I 
look back at Mountain Days of Innocence 
I welcome & praise the new thought 
Patterns of Ponderances
that my head has accumulated

I wander between the Blacks and the Whites
in the Grey area I find absent of discouragement
Embracing equality of colors and rejoicing in their differences

I feel lost in the Grey sea that post modernism has doomed me for, 
stuck in constant strife between morals.

When my head clears, I am in total peace


Comfortable with the pain discomfort (disconnection) brings ...

almost welcoming in disconnection to help me understand the sorrow in it _________

and that's what scares me most.

How could we understand sorrow or want to understand it so fully?
... for fear this anxious feeling will stay with me forever a comforting way that wisens a person

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