Monday, November 21, 2011


The loveliest + most stylish + amazing woman commissioned me 
to get creative with the remainder of her upholstery fabric 
that was leftover from her furnitures facelift. 
She collects Inuit dolls & is going for a worldly feel to her living space 
that circles around a hearth.
I simply wanted to die + go to heaven 
+ roll out the bolts of chenille upholstery textiles 
& lay there, 
dreaming of these mystical pillows that fairies will eventually lay their heads upon to dream.
Like clouds.
Some sort of inspiration for PILLOWS, whowouldathunk.

Here are the pillow cover-less newly upholstered furniture 

 That dog was super cute. There were more.

 We got to talking ... about McQueen of course.

Then she showed me this : SAVAGE BEAUTY ! 

<3 <3 <3

pillow trims & tassles

 Old pillow cases on the left / bolts of chenille woven tapestries on the left !

It's Nice. Snowing Outside. 
I'll update when pillows are finished ...

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