Friday, December 17, 2010


People Always Seem To Ask

Not blogging, obviously.

You can usually find me at my studio on 35th & Wazee at Wazee Union making custom dresses or watching Metalocalypse knitting my famous custom Hoodie.Scarves.


at Crema Coffee House pestering Huth-y pants.


Riding my Baby Bianchi around the Lover City with the boyz from Loops.


Innkeeping at the Queen Anne telling tales sippin cafe bakin goods.

I've been drawing pictures, writing screenplays & studying up on Occultism.

Dreaming up films, etc.

My favorite dress is a mix between an overcoat & petticoat. I call it the Over Petty Dress. Cos I'm over petty shit & everything.

Through the winter months, I'll be making these Over Petty Dresses exlusively in this pale tan color. Come spring, I'll have more colors for ya'all.

I am moving more towards exlusively selling custom made goods, other than my innertube + Super 8 earrings that are sold at the MCA gift shop & the YES PLEASE MORE store at the 16th Street Mall Pavillions. 'Cos you know what, COUTURE FASHION RULEZ. Every Body's Body is So Different & Beautiful. I want to make fashions that are as special as that body wearing it.

Until Next Time, Hit Me Up People's: Let's Rendezvous at my Studio. I can patch your pants, make them skinnier, or fashion you a couture dress. Or we can just have tea & talk unicorns & fairies.


Baily Rose
3501 Wazee Street

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