Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Loops is now in it's 103rd week, and I am still the only Tom Boy who goes on a regular basis.
Every once in a while a female decides to join, but for some reason girls never stay.
To change this, I'm offering a prize at the end of summer for any female who goes on loops for 15 weeks - not straight - just tallies 15 Tuesday's of loops. That puts us up until the end of September about, give or take a few Tuesdays.
What you get:
5 Loops = Bicycle Innertube Earrings
10 Loops = Reconstructed T.Shirt Dress
15 Loops = Couture Jumper/ Romper + Hoodie Scarf + Gift Certifate for Alterations
Do it. I wanna give you stuff.

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BailyRose said...

Samantha Britten : 1