Wednesday, January 20, 2010

...Off My Inspiration Board...

I want something warm to wear as I crouch in the dirty clothes:
That feeling your skin gets wanting to be warm and cozy and
comfortable and . . . its a part of how you're feeling . . . just right
with a twinge of hyperactivity. you . might. just break-out-in-song-and-DANCE
any moment just DANCE, DANCE, DANCE, dance
That warmness when you're waking up in the morning sun naked, its perfect, it
feels just right: Sunrays. Morning sun is the perfect waking up outfit.
Just you, maybe a lover, sateen sheets and that firey neptune we derive all our energy from.

Remember the days when you would put on your
Sundays best just to play in those Red Cliffs
Your Mom told you not to but she really
didn't mind because you looked so much like
gods child in that Colorado sunshine, just
playing with the Earth, wearing sage perfume,
dirt as blush and living, organic elements
as your entertainment for the day . . .
( don't forget how you thought you were a mountain
indian princess 500 years ago roaming around
in these wild, beautiful slopes, making these trees
and boulders your majestic palace. )

Being Fashionably Environmental : Expensive, Well Made Classic Pieces you can wear a lifetime.

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